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The world’s top introduction services to facilitate launching your creative systems and solutions in the Middle East and other regions.

Introducing your investment opportunities, products, solutions.. etc. to interested clients from all over the world is my business.

Who are my clients?

Typically I work with aspiring and established entrepreneurs, who present interesting investment opportunities and look to connect with potential investors and/ or buyers but they are being discouraged by certain limitations such as language, culture, economical circumstances to name a few. Serving as a ‘strategic partner’, I help them overcome these barriers and facilitate connecting their businesses to interested investors from all over the world.



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As a thought leader, expert, author, writer, with a message that you need to share with other worlds, your book holds the gems of your thoughts but only those who speak your language can receive them.

Everywhere in the world, people always look for sources to learn more about relationships, business, enterprenurship, leadership, investment, wealth, personal development, awareness, etc. so why not allow more people benefit from your knowledge and experience?

Why not benefit yourself from reaching more people in other regions? 

Your book is your business card. 


My comprehensive solution will get your systems tested for you in the UAE market.

Your book will be translated, published and marketed in the UAE and the Arab speaking world. You can also enjoy a wider scale launch by featuring in a press conference that is held specifically for you, and a press release circulated in major publications and social media sources. Moreover, a one day event attended by targeted audiance will be your  perfect stage to speak to sell and engage directly with your potential clients/ partners

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What differs us?

World’s first Comprehensive solution to launch your school of thought in a new destination

DFY services including translation, publishing, marketing, press exposure, social media exposure, speak to sell at a one day event attended by targeted audience

Saves you time and efforts in making necessary connections to launch your business in your new destinations

Saves you money by providing quality services for best prices


World Greatness

Recipient of the World Greatness Award in the category of Creator of Greatness, for consistently acting as a bridge between the East and the West through my translation, interpretation, and consultancy work

Appraisal for translations for government departments.



Loubna Ammer is a Middle East Business Consultant. She is an expert in identifying business opportunities in the Middle East such as the United Arab Emirates and creating bespoke business partnerships with companies in Europe. She is also set out to find and create meaningful business relationships with individuals and companies in Asia, Africa, and America. Her entrepreneurial mindset allows her to unlock opportunities in various areas of business and her clientele includes: construction businesses, film festivals, international education shows, speakers, thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and governmental authorities.

Born and raised in Syria, Loubna Ammer holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Damascus University and a Master’s degree in English/ Arabic Translation and Interpreting from the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.  Loubna has worked and lived in various countries including the United Arab Emirates,  Turkey, and Germany where she is currently based.

Loubna Ammer  has intensive experience as an interpreter to government departments and private organisations. For more than 14 years, she has translated professionally thousands and thousands of words from English into Arabic and vice versa in fields related to personal development, education, economy, marketing, and business proposals among others. She also has an extensive experience of editing and proofreading from Arabic to English and vice versa.

Our Services

Translating your Book

Translating your book, publishing and marketing it thus testing how well your business will be received by your audience

Press Conference

Holding a press conference to launch you in the UAE. Press release in major publications and social media pages.


One day event, speak to sell stage

Market Introduction

We will introduce you into the UAE market.


Save money

Save time

Expand your clientele

Save effort

Test your business in the UAE market

Increase your revenues

Gain more exposure in the UAE and the Middle East in general

Gain more exposure in the UAE and the Middle East in general

Visit new places

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